Tea. It seems like a simple process yet since my training I cringe when I see people making their cups and pots of tea, or as we Herbalists call them, infusions or tisanes.


I know that I'm not alone in this, Herbalists...I'm speaking to you. And now, you'll all know th...

With spring seemingly around the corner (kinda?), I felt it was important to talk about a plant that has been gruesomely labeled as noxious weed and continuously bullied by a wave of herbicides.


I'm talking about Taraxacum officinale, known more commonly as dandelion.



Ok, so there's really no such thing close to a jungle here in the prairies but we do have the Boreal Forest!


Speaking of forests, I can't wait for the plant world to wake up from its seasonal slumber, so much so I started finalizing my garden and yard plans for this ye...

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October 3, 2019

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