Day 3!!!!!!


I woke up very tired this morning and to a weird voice. My mind is playing tricks on me!


I've done very well with my diet, choosing healthy options rather than quick on-the-go items. I opted for mostly vegan options and fresh greens with one vegetarian me...

Day 2 of the sleep experiment!



So here's what happened....


My exercise for the day was comprised of walking the dog and shuffling. WHEN IS SPRING COMING????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My partner and I went out for a heavy calorie heavy supper that included 2 alcoholic drinks...

I've always been a horrible sleeper, a natural night owl my whole life. My mom described me as a baby that never slept like a baby but just laid there quietly and barely slept. Move into my teen and adult years, it's still the same.


Well, now it's catchi...

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