“There was a time when we were all herbalists, when we could deeply connect to the medicines that grow around us

and understand what they can offer.”
- Kjelti Anderson, co-founder of the Sask Herb Gathering, owner of Wild Bloom Wellness.


"There is medicine all around us and anyone can use it"

- Ninetta Savino, co-founder of the Sask Herb Gathering, owner of Ash & Thorn Herbals.

Plant Walks – Herb Identification – Basic Herbal Preparations – Herbal Energetics & Actions – Incredible Meals prepared by a trained herbalist / nutritionist – Materia Medica  – 
Herbal First-Aid  –  Culinary Herbs – Morning Yoga – A Circle of Sacred Womanhood – and more


Our vision is to nurture and support a strong & growing community of wildcrafters, folk herbalists, plant people, herbal medicine practitioners, and forest foragers who share a passion for plants & our innate connection to them.


The Sask Herb Gathering is devoted to the timeless practice of herbal medicine.


Our province is home to an incredible wealth of wild medicinals that can be gathered, prepared & added to your medicine cabinet to support your health and wellness in many ways.

The goal of the Sask Herb Gathering is to empower you with the skills, confidence, and knowledge to create herbal medicine for yourself and your kin.


The Sask Herb Gathering is for you if:

  • You have no experience but are interested in working with plants.

  • You want to expand your experience in using herbs for medicine.

  • You want to create a deepened connection to nature.

  • You want to gain confidence in identifying common Saskatchewan medicinal plants.

  • You want to understand and practice ethical harvesting.

  • You want a better understanding of culinary herbs and how to incorporate their medicine into your daily meals.

  • You want to learn how to create various herbal preparations.

  • You want to step out of the daily hustle, take repose in the beautiful boreal forest & spend time connecting to your intuition & deepened sense of place in the world.

  • You want to walk along side like-minded medicine people.

We will join in circle in the beautiful boreal forest at Ness Creek, home to an incredible array of the province’s breadth of wild medicines.


Arrive Friday in the early afternoon & set up camp or settle in to your cabin. We will formally begin with introductions at 4pm followed by an herb-infused dinner, followed by an Introduction to Herbalism led by Nina, Kjelti, & Becky. Following that, the night will unfold with casually earth-centered conversation around the fire sipping herbal elixirs, or maybe a sauna and a creek dip.

Saturday is our full day, and it begins with optional morning yoga followed by a hearty breakfast. We will spend the morning engaged in herbal energetics & actions, and preparing for our afternoon plant walk by learning about some of our common wild medicines. The afternoon plant walk will take us through the diverse landscape of Ness Creek and introduce us to the incredible medicines of the boreal / parkland regions of SK. We’ll return ready for another delicious supper carefully prepared with exquisite culinary herbs, which we will also learn about in more detail over the course of the weekend. After supper, we will have another session to learn about the art of herbal preparations. A circle around the fire and sauna will follow.

Sunday will begin once again with optional morning yoga and a nourishing breakfast. We will finish our herbal preparations and have a sharing circle to reflect on our weekend together and formally close. Those who need to get on the road can do so, or for those who can stay, we will round out the weekend with a final herb walk.

When You Register

When you register, you will receive “The Herbalist In Each of Us – A Forager’s Primer” by Kjelti Anderson. This beautiful essay will inspire you and prepare you for the Sask Herb Gathering so when we gather at Ness Creek, we can dive right in to the magic of herbal medicine and hands-on learning.

The ticket price includes:

  • Aforementioned essay by Kjelti Anderson

  • Nurturing encouragement & lessons to foster your relationship with plant allies in the boreal

  • Morning yoga

  • Camp site (option to add custom accommodations; private & shared shacks are available for rent)

  • Meals, snacks & herbals tea & elixirs:

    • Friday: light treats upon arrival & supper​

    • Saturday: Breakfast, lunch, supper, snacks

    • Sunday: Breakfast, snack for the journey back home

Procurement ~ Your Gifts

The gifts received by attending this gathering:

  • A deepened respect and admiration for abundance of the wilds, and a deepened connection to profound beauty of Nature.

  • Confidence in identifying common Saskatchewan medicinal plants

  • Ethical harvesting ethics & guidelines: how to pick safely and respectfully

  • A basic understanding of herbal energetics and actions: a foundation for further learning and exploration

  • A better understanding of culinary herbs and how to incorporate their medicine into your daily meals

  • Kitchen inspiration and herb-centric recipes to try at home

  • Finished herbal preparations for your medicine cabinet: tinctures, teas, & balms.

  • Basic Herbal First-Aid: how to use what’s around you in the event of emergencies and what herbs to keep on hand.

  • A new circle of friends to continue to walk & gather alongside.

Facilitators & Teachers

"Plants have been my greatest and most patient teachers, and I love helping others develop their own connection to local, medicinal plants" - Kjelti


Kjelti is the co-founder of Sask Herb Gathering and founder of Wildbloom Wellness. She is a passionate and curious folk herbalist who has been learning from the medicinal plants of the prairies & boreal for close to ten years. She believes that we are all medicine people who can learn their wisdom, simply by being present and respectful to our relatives with roots. 


She teaches at workshops and retreats across Saskatchewan, as well as at land-based learning camps for school children. Her teaching style is open & invigorating and encourages self-discovery and confidence in working with herbs. She is absolutely ecstatic to be a part of creating the Sask Herb Gathering and believes it will contribute to a stronger network of plant people in our amazing province.

Becky Gillespie will be your nutritionist and culinary herb specialist for the gathering – and she’ll be preparing all the meals for us to enjoy. She is delighted to step in to this role as it combines her three favourite things: cooking, herbs, and good health. 

In the last 10 years Becky received education in botany and forest ecology, apprenticed under a Master Herbalist, worked as a vegetation specialist as well as an equestrian trail guide. She will bring her wealth of knowledge to the table with herb-infused meals that are balanced, nourishing, and energizing.

All ingredients will be locally sourced, gathering many herself, to nourish us through the weekend. What’s more, she will be offering us some of her insights into approaching herbs in the kitchen as medicine.

When she is not catering, she is busy serving her local farmer’s market as a baker, developing her own business making natural food products, and sharing her belief in restoring and maintain good health through the use of food with her community and beyond.

Ninetta (Nina) Savino is an activist, animal lover, introvert slightly extroverted, herbalist, artist and co-founder of the Sask Herb Gathering and founder of Ash & Thorn Herbals & Holistic Remedies. 

She deeply appreciates the amazing bounty nature has to offer and believes we are the stewards of this land and that it's all our responsibility to protect and nourish it and each other.

Nina is passionate about the earth, it's animals and people. She firmly believes in creating plant medicine using ethically sourced ingredients that are responsibly wild-crafted and cultivated as well as local when available and loves to teach others to give them the tools to do the same.

Nina grew up playing in the forest as a kid which fostered her love for nature and her connection with many plant allies and has been practicing folk herbalism since she was a small child.


She's continued her education an has received her Community Herbalist, Master Herbalist, Foundations of Holistic Science and Family Herbalist and is currently studying Traditional Herbalism.