Sleep Hygiene Experiment - Day 2

Day 2 of the sleep experiment!




So here's what happened....


My exercise for the day was comprised of walking the dog and shuffling. WHEN IS SPRING COMING????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My partner and I went out for a heavy calorie heavy supper that included 2 alcoholic drinks 1 of which was beer.....mmmm, love my hops!


After supper, I was extremely tired and because I woke up feeling tired the morning of Day 1 I decided to get into bed a half hour earlier than last night.


So I was in bed by 9PM. I didn't use the sleep tea I used for Day 1 because I felt like I was tired enough that I could do without it. I did use the lavender essential oil putting it behind my ears, on my heart and the soles of my feet.


I feel asleep slower than the first day so that tells me the tea is a must to train my body to get to REM as soon as possible. I feel like I was a bit "in-and-out" and then finally got to bed.


What was strange about this sleep was that I had an awful dream about my beloved grandpa that passed away 2 years ago. It was not a good dream or a comforting one but a dream that seemed to exist only to make it difficult to stay asleep....weird? Yea, I think so. My body is actively working against me which is not new. 


In the past, part of my issue with falling asleep is that I fight it. I actively try not to go to sleep. What? Is the show I'm watching too important? Am I worried I'm going to miss out on something? I really have no idea! I just know, this is what I do. I just don't know when to shut it down, actually, I do know, I just refuse to do so. Anyway....


Another part that was interesting about my sleep was I did wake up to my alarm clock but I was still SO tired. So I went back to bed. And just before I absolutely needed to get up to not be extremely late for work, I heard this voice. The same voice that was my grandpa's in my dream which was not comforting or reassuring. "You're time is up". BOOM! I was awake. Creepy. I was confused about that.


Another thing I believe is noteworthy is that I woke up EXTREMELY stiff. This tells me that I was very tense when I was sleeping. I'll attribute this to the bad dream.



So here's what I have learnt:


- Keep up with the sleep tea. It's necessary to train my body.

- Stay away from fatty foods, increase whole foods

- Exercise

- Don't drink too much before bed

- Keep the lights low

- Cuddle with your animals

- Incorporate anti-inflammatory herbs throughout the day: Click here for the recipe I will be using



Happy Slumber :)


Ninetta (Nina) Savino


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