Sleep Hygiene Experiment - Day 3




Day 3!!!!!!


I woke up very tired this morning and to a weird voice. My mind is playing tricks on me!


I've done very well with my diet, choosing healthy options rather than quick on-the-go items. I opted for mostly vegan options and fresh greens with one vegetarian meal for supper (leftovers from the night before).


I worked all evening on business tasks and I have to be honest, I lost track of time and didn't turn my ipad off until 9:30PM! Hey, I'm human, I lose track of time!


However, I got a lot of prep work done for an upcoming tradeshow next weekend. You can find all my tradeshow dates and times here. I've got to say that they will be worth your time. There are lots of other vendors and I personally think that tradeshows are the best way to get a variety of unique items and to support local business owners


Soooo, another thing that happened...I didn't get to bed until 11PM. Yes, I said 11PM! "But Nina, I thought you were going to be in bed early every night for this experiment?!?! Hmmmm!!!!".


Listen, this is what you would call a uncontrolled variable. Shit happens people, life happens. It's not realistic that you or I will be in bed at the same time every night, unless you literally have nothing else to do in which case, feel free to come over to my house and donate some of your time!


Regardless of having gotten to bed so late, I made my anti-inflammatory drink or what others would call it Golden Milk. I shared the recipe in Day 2. It was delicious, warm and soothing. Perfect before bed time. I highly recommend this!


The main ingredient in here is turmeric (Curcuma longa). Not only does this wonderful herb provide anti-inflammatory actions it also acts as a Hepato-protective, Antioxidant, Depurative, Choleretic, Cholagogue, Cardio-protective, Anti-carcinogenic, Carminative and much more! This people is what I like to call a magical herb. I have a wondering monograph I've used for presentations on this herb I will be sure to share.


So that's it for Day 3. I'm keeping the results of Day 3 actions a secret until my post about Day 4'll want to read the results!




Ninetta (Nina) Savino 









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