Sleep Hygiene Experiment - Day 4





I'm still in shock at how good I feel waking up on Day 4! No pain, achy old bones feeling and I actually was ready to get up to start the day. WOW.


I feel like I need to attribute this morning's results to the healthy diet and anti-inflammatory drink I had before bed. I really can't believe it! Now to get to bed a bit earlier.....this is going to be tough over the weekend.


I'm going to keep this post short and simple because I truly believe I found the right aids to help me create better sleep habits. They are:


- Anti-inflammatory drink taken daily.

- Diet full of fresh veggies. Vegetarian and vegan options that are whole and not processed agree with me the most.

- Sleep tea when I need help to get sleepy

- Calm and soothing lighting at least an hour before bed

- NO ELECTRONICS for at least a couple hours before bed.



So now that I know what works for me, did you figure out what works for you?



For the days 5-7 I'll be combining my last entry to encompass all these days unless I discover something amazing that helps with my sleep. I'll be following my tips above for the next few days to see if I notice any significant change in my body and mind. Excited to see the results!


Ninetta (Nina) Savino


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