Sleep Hygiene Experiment - Days 5-7

April 7, 2016



Hi Everyone, I'm back!!


Now that I've complete my first trade show of the year this past weekend I'm back to writing!


I've got to say that I truly think that the sleep experiment was a success for me even though I since have not follow all the same rules as I was during the 7 day experiment. IE: no electronics after 8 PM.


All in all I think that the main components for a successful sleep for me were these:


- Daily anti-inflammatory drink. This is very tasty and every time I made it, I did it a little different. Be creative with your drink! IE: Add in dandelion root to support your liver and gallbladder.


- NO electronics after 8 PM. Not only did this task me with a timeline to get my online stuff done earlier in the day, it also allowed my mind to gear down from the electronic filled day that is my life right now.


- Sleep tea. The tea I made was really good to have around when I felt that I was a bit more restless than usual. It's sedative features quickly took affect to allow my mind and body to wind down.


- Healthy greens and whole foods. I found that if I nourish body with whole plant foods and steered clear of the processed "food" I had a better sleep. My body didn't have to spend as much energy breaking down the good food as it does for the bad food and therefore allowed it to focus on other much needed recovery.


- THE LIGHT! It was SO important to not expose my eyes to sharp bright light before bed. If I did, it was that much harder to fall asleep. I put one of my favorite scarves over my lamp so that I could still read before bed.


- Be a cuddle bug. Seriously. I you have pets, snuggle up to your furry friend and have a snuggle, you'll both enjoy it. I know my dog LOVED that he got to sleep on the bed so much!



So there you have, very simple and straight to the




The only thing that I do think I could have done better with is daily exercise. It wasn't daily ;)


So happy sleeping everyone!


I want to hear from you!! What are some of your sleep tricks?!




Ninetta (Nina) Savino


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