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Discover the Difference Nature Makes

Our ingredients are carefully selected using only the best quality herbs and natural ingredients.


We use natural preservatives such as essential oils and vitamin E to promote a shelf life of 6 months - 1 year.


Our goal is to supply you with the highest quality and most nutritous organic ingredients when available.


We use Canadian, locally grown products when possible, use and promote ethical harvesting and wildcrafting practices. 






Ash & Thorn takes pride in reducing its footprint as much as possible and as the business evolves, we'll get better and better!


Ingredients are sourced as locally and ethically as possible from Canadian based companies who have similar values and respect for the environment.


Wild harvesting is done responsibly and with permission from the plant. An offering is left to always replace what was taken.


Minimal packaging is used for all products. All packaging is recyclable and/or re-useable for your own herbal adventures! Be sure to check out our blog for recipes.


Never Tested 
on Animals

Although every product has been tested for safety, accuracy, shelf life and efficacy, none have been tested on animal and never will be!


These are products made for humans and therefore are tested on humans. 


Each ingredient has been sourced using companies that share the same ethical position so you can be assured that our products are never tested on animals throughout the entire production process as well as the end resulting product.


Animals are our friends :)

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