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3 Easy Steps to Unlocking the Health Benefits of Herbs

Written by Ninetta Savino, B.A., Dip. Phyt.

Welcome to the greener side of health with me, Ninetta Savino - Medical Herbalist, your guide on this journey to harness the remarkable power of plants for your personal health journey to enhanced well-being.

It's time to transform the way we view health!

Today we shift. We shift from merely dodging illness to actively cultivating vitality and wellness. Let's explore three easy steps that anyone can take to tap into the bountiful pharmacy that Mother Nature offers.

A person holding a cup of tea
Simplicity in a Sip - Herbal Teas for Daily Wellness

Step 1: Simplicity in a Sip - Herbal Teas for Daily Wellness

Embark on a plant-powered wellness journey with the simple pleasure of herbal teas. Far more than just a flavourful delight, each cup is brimming with therapeutic benefits to enhance your daily well-being.

Chamomile: The Gentle Soother

Chamomile, a delicate flower with robust nervine properties, offers a serene reprieve that extends well beyond the evening hours. Integrate this tranquil brew into your day for continuous calm, nourishment, and herbal support.

Peppermint: The Digestive Aid

The refreshing taste of peppermint tea is matched by its versatile healing properties. Widely cherished for easing digestive discomfort, it also cools the body and serves as an antispasmodic agent, ideal for soothing aches and muscle pains.

Cinnamon: The Warming Tonic

Embrace the comforting warmth of cinnamon tea, a remedy for those chilly days and a companion for digestive health. In the realm of TCM, cinnamon is revered for its kidney-tonifying abilities. Strengthening the kidneys is crucial, as these organs are powerhouses of function—overseeing urinary health, maintaining fluid and electrolyte balance, and more.

Incorporating these teas into your daily ritual is a delightful step toward holistic health. Brew your blend and let these herbal infusions harmonize and revitalize your day.

A person reading a book, sitting in a comfy blanker with a snack and tea in front of them
Knowledge is Power - Grow Your Herbal IQ

Step 2: Knowledge is Power - Grow Your Herbal IQ

Information is the seed from which empowerment blossoms.

By learning about the various herbs that flourish in our environment and their health benefits, you equip yourself with the knowledge to make informed choices about your health.

Each herb offers a unique gift. As you expand your herbal IQ, you'll find yourself more in tune with your body's needs and intuitively know which herbal allies your body needs.

Take the time to research, attend workshops, make and test herbal preparations connect with local herbalists and other holistic professionals.

Coming soon - Ash & Thorn Herbals Academy: an opportunity to deepen your herbal knowledge. Make sure to subscribe to receive notification when this is launched.

A person holding a newly sprouted plant that is nestled in an egg shell
Cultivate Your Wellness - Grow Your Own Herb Garden

Step 3: Cultivate Your Wellness - Grow Your Own Herb Garden Imagine stepping outside to a garden that's more than just a visual delight, but a personal health haven.

Growing your own herb garden brings the power of natural remedies straight to your fingertips. It's not about the size; even a small balcony space or windowsill can accommodate pots brimming with medicinal herbs for you to use in the growing season and beyond!

From the zesty zing of lemon balm to the soothing embrace of lavender, each plant you nurture is a step towards self-reliance in your health journey.

Gardening itself is a therapeutic activity, one that connects you to the earth and provides a sense of accomplishment as you watch your plants thrive.

A person holding a bunch of purple grapes in both hands
Health is a mosaic, composed of various practices that contribute to overall health

Health is a mosaic, composed of various practices that contribute to overall wellness. By embracing these three steps – herbal teas, educating yourself on herbal benefits, and cultivating your own garden – you're not just avoiding sickness; you're building a robust, vibrant life that deepens your connection to the natural world around you.

Ready to deepen your connection with plant-based wellness?

Subscribe to 'Health Freedom Digest' and join a community where food and plants are celebrated as the medicine they truly are.

Together, let's nurture a healthier world, one plant at a time.

With Love & Gratitude,

Ninetta M. Savino, B.A., Dip. Phyto.

Medical Herbalist & Founder of Ash + Thorn Herbals


Uses of these plants have not been regulated by the FDA. Regardless of their long term traditional uses it is important to independently research a plant you are considering using for medicinal and nutritional purposes as each individual is different. Please ensure that if you are gathering plants from the wild that you correctly identify the plant before using.

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