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Home remedies for a dry scalp

I've been receiving many questions about my hair oil regarding dandruff. And the short and quick answer is YES, this hair oil is definitely a great home remedy for resolving dandruff and scalp itchiness in all seasons. It does so by nourishing the scalp and balancing out your natural oils but it's also packed with plants that are specifically used for clearing dandruff as well as plants used traditionally / have been shown in studies to promote hair strength and growth.

Obviously I would strongly recommend the hair oil I make, it's been carefully formulated to achieve major #hairgoals but it also got me thinking, because you know I love to teach about plants, about the plants you may have on hand in the interim to start nourishing your scalp today!

First, true to my Herbalist form, let's talk about the possible causes of dandruff.

I'll quickly mention the top 5 reasons for dandruff:

  1. You have dry skin - okay, yes...we knew this

  2. You're not washing your hair enough

  3. You're allergic to something

  4. You have a skin condition like eczema or psoriasis

  5. You have an yeast overgrowth

The cause is important to explore because we can put a bandaid on you all day long and resolve your dandruff but it will be temporary if you keep exposing yourself to the allergen creating a reaction on your scalp or you have an unresolved fungal infection.

It's worth the time to explore the "why" so you have a better picture of what is really happening for you! If this is something you would like to explore together through a consultation, please feel free to contact me and set up an appointment.

But let's move to the most common cause which is dry skin. More specifically, seasonal dry skin. The reason why I have been receiving so many messages about dandruff in these fall / winter months.

Here's what's happening to you scalp:

  • The weather has changed to a more dry and cooler temperature causing an overproduction of scalp oils to compensate for the dryness

  • The cool weather has potentially slowed down circulation to your scalp which means less blood, nutrients and oxygen are being delivered to the area causing it to be undernourished.

  • The overproduction of oil is causing the dead skin cells to clump together - these are the white flakes you see

What you can do:

  • Keep your scalp warm

  • Take vitamins to deepen nourishment to your entire body

  • Scalp treatments 2 - 4 times a week depending on your current level of dryness

  • Herbal hair rinse after shampooing - find my recipe here

  • Scalp massage to promote circulation

There are several plants that are used for dandruff. Some will work better than others depending on how dry your scalp is, if you dye your hair and how often, your type of hair and why you are experiencing dandruff in the first place.

Here is a list of plants that are good for dandruff:

Please ensure that before using any of these plants that you don't have an allergy / sensitivity to it, that you do a 24 hour test patch and you've considered why you are getting dandruff. All of this will determine what plant(s) you use to treat your dandruff. For example, if you are dealing with a fungal or yeast issue, then chose anti-viral herbs to add to your blend.

Make your own herbal hair rinse - download my recipe here

Purchase your hair oil for a major boost towards your hair goals here

In gratitude,

Ninetta M Savino



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