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Magic and Medicinal Use of Plants for Support in These Hard Times

The chaos in the world today is nothing short of shocking. I see many people in pain, uncertainty, frustration, guilt, and feeling helpless. I hope that what I'm about to share is helpful.

In the past I have mentioned that plants are magic but haven't shared this side of me for my own reasons. So please, if this is something you do not connect with, please scroll on by and leave it at that. This is deeply personal for me to share but what's happening in the world is larger than my notions and I believe that this information will find the people that need it the most.

I know this won't help everyone, but it's something I can do in this moment. I have selected a handful of herbs that can either be commonly found in a pantry or growing in urban/wild settings. I understand that some of these plants will not be accessible at this time but I tried to select plants that might be available.

Basil (Ocimum basilicum)

Carry this fragrant herb to protect against negative energy and dangerous circumstances while strengthening courage. Roll between your fingers to release its oils, run your fingers from the crown of your head to heart center: breath in deeply and place herb close to your body. Crush basil in your hand in times of disagreement with others to diffuse tension and increase compassion. Give as a gift for good luck. Infused, she can help with stress, uplift mood, headaches, and compromised digestion.

Chamomile/Pineapple Weed

(Matricaria recutita) (Matricaria discoidea)

Both of these plants are used to build strength and will flourish in the most unforgiving environment. She will literally burst through concrete to reach the brightness. Making an infusion and washing items/your body will invoke protection, luck, and to clear negative energy. Chamomile is known as “mother of the gut”, she will build strength in the gut and settle dyspepsia as well as alleviate nervous exhaustion.

Bay Leaf (Laurus nobilis)

Place a single leaf in all corners of the space you hold for protection. Write your wish on a leaf and burn it to seal it and ward off negative energy. This is a great smudging plant to clear your space. You can also use this for the preservation of dried foods to deter pests, simply put a couple leaves into the container/bag of dried food. As a medicine bay can help with upset stomach, blocked sinuses, and supports the immune system as it's a good source of vitamins A, B6, and C.

Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale)

The most misunderstood plant that a billion-dollar war could not destroy. She encompasses medicine and magic, always shows up in any climate, and if allowed, is a dear friend that will help you rise up to challenging times. Carry this friend to help with adapting to an ever-changing environment, to increase faith, lift mood, create balance, and shed toxicity. Bury a dandelion in the northwest position of your home/space for luck. Place dried leaves and flowers under your pillow to block nightmares of any origin. The petals will turn downward to look like an umbrella to signal when rain is coming so the water can be collected. The deep tap root, roasted or raw, helps you connect with your deep consciousness. An infusion of the leaf and roots increase psychic ability while supporting your natural detoxification systems, stimulate digestion, and eliminate dyspepsia. Every part of the dandelion is edible and nutritious. You can read more about Dandelion's medicine here.

Sending love and light to everyone.

Ninetta M. Savino, B.A., Dip. Phyto. Founder & Medical Herbalist of Ash + Thorn Herbals


Uses of these plants have not been regulated by the FDA. Regardless of their long term traditional uses it is important to independently research a plant you are considering using for medicinal and nutritional purposes as each individual is different. Please ensure that if you are gathering plants from the wild that you correctly identify the plant before using.


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