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Seed Bombs - DIY

It's the season to grow and what's an easier way to grow some plants than mixing a bit of seed, compost, clay and water and chucking it into your garden or empty space?

Seed bombs, also known as earth bombs, are an easy way to grow plants as cover crops, to add a bit of color to your yard, bring in pollinators or to bring more diversity into your area.

As a bonus, the materials needed are cheap and easy to find, soooo you really can't beat that :)

These are also perfect as a kids craft to teach the little ones about growing and what not. But be warned, they will get messy. So, this is definitely and outdoors craft.

Material Needed:

- Clay

- Compost/Soil

- Native Seeds (flower, plant, fruit, vegetable)*

- Water


- 1 Part Seeds

- 3 Parts Compost

- 5 Parts Clay

- Water

I've already used my bombs and didn't think to take pictures so, as you can see I used a picture from mrbrownthumb. He shows a really well laid out step by step process to making seed bombs!

*A note about the seeds. It's best to use seeds of plants that are native to your area. For us Saskatchewan and/or Alberta people here's a few native seeds to consider:

- Ratibida columnifera, prairie coneflower

- Pulsatilla patens, prairie crocus

- Gaillardia aristata, blanketflower

- Geum triflorum, prairie smoke

- Linum lewisii, blue flax

Research what is best for your area and bomb away!

Here is a native plant database to use. It will tell you all characteristics of the plant you have chosen IE: edible, invasive/non-invasive, where it's found, and family it belongs to, etc. This is a great resource!!!

You can find more information on our native plants here as well and information on where to purchase native seeds here.


- Combine the clay and compost. Kneed the mixture until it's mixed well.

- Add the seeds to the clay and compost. Again, working it thoroughly.

- You're ready to bomb! Just throw/place your bombs and watch them grow.

There you have it! Happy bombing!!

Ninetta (Nina) Savino


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